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"Auto-Gleam services..."

north wales car Valeting Specialists

our services:


Restore your cars natural shine and interior finish .


Our Services include:


  • Professional Valet & Cleaning. 
  • Hand Wax Exterior.
  • Machine Buff & Exterior Polish. 
  • Clay Bar Exterior Polish.
  • Paint Correction. 
  • Air Con Sanitizing.
  • Engine Bay Cleaning.
  • Wheel and Tyre Detailing.
  • Engine Bay Cleaning.
  • Interior Detailing.
  • Dent Removal.
  • Leather Cleansed & Conditioning.

Auto-Gleam Car Care


Penley Road




T. 01244 548 355

M. 07516 916 621



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Collect Clean & Drop Off Service.



07516 916621



07540 576227 


Auto-Gleam Car Care


Penley Road




M. 07516 916621  

M: 07540 576227 


M. 07516 916621 | M: 07540 576227 

Email: autogleamflintshire@gmail.com