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Commercial Pressure Washer Service.

Decking and Wooded Equipment Cleaning.          

High-performance cleaning agents for powerful cleaning of stubborn dirt on decking and wooded play areas. 


Our Commercial pressure washer can be used with cold and hot water allowing us to not only clean but protect your decking for years to


Ultra-High Pressure Cleaning System.


When the stripping performance of conventional high-pressure cleaners is no longer enough then our ultra high pressure cleaners come into play.


At a pressure of 600 - 2,500 bar they can reliably remove the the most stubborn dirt and coatings without the need for any detergents.



Versatility for Industrial Commercial & Applications.              

First Impression Pressure washers use fast-acting, gentle cleaning agents which remove stubborn dirt such as Algae, oils, grease and rust.


First Impressions will restore Wooden furnature, decking, metal  or machinary back to their former glory.



Welcome to First Impression


First Impression are committed to providing safe pressure washing cleaning services to businesses across the UK .


Our pressure skilled personnel have undergone training in commercial cleaning and come highly recommended.


First Impression has invested in both time and money to become one of the most highly recommended mobile commercial cleaning companies in North Wales,  especially for those looking at having forecourt pressure washing & high pressure washing services.























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        Hotel Forecourts.


        Leisure Centers.


        Church Yards.


        Loges & Static Caravans


        Holiday Resorts.





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We Specialise in:


Public & Private Play Areas. 


Swimming Pools.


Front of House.










Solar Panel Cleaning.


Private & Rental Properties.


Algae Removal from all surfaces.



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